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5 Reasons Why Video Conferencing From A Serviced Office Is A Great Idea

5 Reasons Why Video Conferencing From A Serviced Office Is A Great Idea

If you choose to do your job from the comfort of a serviced office, you probably know how a serviced office can help provide certain conveniences that contribute greatly to the overall success of your business. A serviced office provides all the necessary tools needed to quickly and efficiently get a job done without the hassles and expense that go along with working in a traditional office, and one of these tools is video conferencing. Video conferencing is the use of audio and visual transmissions to exchange business messages and ideas with those people who help to contribute to the success of your company, and here is why it’s so great to video conference from a serviced office.

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1. Save Time. With the convenience of video conferencing, gone are the days when you must leave the office for a period of time in order to travel to the location of your business meeting. When you use video conferencing to conduct your business meeting, you can work right up until the time of the meeting, then go back to working once the meeting is over therefore saving hours of wasted travel time.

2. Save Money. Business travel costs money and by video conferencing, you will save the money on business travel related expenses like airfare and hotels.

3. Convenience. Video conferencing is just more convenient when compared to traveling for a business meeting. When traveling for business reasons, certain accommodations must be made such as finding a babysitter or housessitter to take care of things while you are gone. With video conferencing, you won’t have to travel so you can avoid these types of issues. Find more info about serviced offices and video conference here

4. Builds Teamwork. Even if you use video conferencing just to communicate with co-workers from different locations, video conferencing can be great because it helps personalize communication. Talking on the phone or sending emails can be impersonal. Communicating via video conferencing will enable you to see the people you are speaking with and that helps give all communication a more personal feel.

5. Great Customer Service. Even if you do not need to conduct business meetings or speak with distant co-workers, video conferencing can be a great way to communicate with customers. If you need to help your customers out with something, speaking with them via video conferencing is a great way to build a lasting relationship. If you work in a field that sometimes requires house calls to customers, video conferencing can also help save time for both you and your customers which will make all involved parties happy.

Technology is truly creating a more worker friendly type of business environment that is beneficial to both the individual professional businessperson and the customers and/or company he or she works for. Because of technology like video conferencing, many companies are finding they can provide their workers with the flexibility to work from a variety of locations, such as a serviced office, while still maintaining a standard of business that is conductive to business success. If you work in a serviced office and you want to save money and time in a convenient way that is conducive to great customer service and inner company teamwork, using video conferencing can be a great tool to use.


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Why Choose A Serviced Office – What is a Serviced office ?

Why Choose A Serviced Office ?

Serviced offices are a group of offices found in a business centre. Small and larger businesses can benefit from renting out fully serviced offices because of the affordability and different services available to them. A small but also larger business looking to grow should not have to worry about finding an office and then purchasing furniture and other equipment. This method is very costly and time consuming. Fully serviced offices come with furniture, office furnishings, meeting rooms, secretary support, telephones, kitchens and much more. There is no need to look around for offices in Copenhagen when small businesses can save time and money by moving into serviced offices.


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Cost is a very important factor when it comes to finding an office for any small and large business. Office space in a commercial building will cost much more than an office in a business centre. These offices will usually require a high monthly rent and a lease contract that may last many months or years. A business centre has many different office rooms in one large building. This allows numerous businesses to rent out a space at once, cutting back on the costs of what they would normally pay if they rented out a space all on their own. They only have to pay revenue costs, compared to the building, capital, staff and revenue costs they’d have to pay if they rented a conventional office. Not only do they save all this money, but fully serviced offices offer many great services to the people renting out their offices in Copenhagen.

Services Available

Fully serviced offices have been used in the United States for decades but only in recent years have they been popular among small businesses in and around the United Kingdom. There are conventional offices in Copenhagen and there are serviced offices as well. The serviced offices offer secretarial support, reception with customized telephone answering services, semi or fully furnished furniture, boardrooms, kitchens, mail collecting, multi-function printers, Internet service, telephones, parking, conference equipment and office cleaning. Office employees can concentrate on their work instead of cooking, cleaning and finding capital for furniture and other office equipment. The price you pay includes all of these things, and since it is all being shared by the various office employees, the cost is low for everyone.

Who Benefits the Most?

Small and large business owners benefit the most out of fully serviced offices because they can be used for a day, a few weeks, a couple of months or even years. This allows companies to move in and out fairly quickly if necessary. The flexibility is appealing to many small businesses, unlike the lease that must be implemented with a commercial office space.

These offices in Copenhagen and Kontorshotell Stockholm are also a good way to show customers that they have a solid image when stationed in a business centre. When many different firms are located in one building, then customers who need to visit the office will get a sense that this place is serious, reliable and committed to serving its customers.

There are hundreds of business centres in the United Kingdom and hundreds more in neighbouring countries. Small businesses should not have a problem finding a business centre to match their needs in terms of space, cost, decoration, services and location. Once a location and office have been decided upon, then employees can move in immediately and begin working towards improving and building on the small business.

Find a list with serviced offices in denmark here >>


Serviced Offices in Copenhagen – Cool serviced Offices

Serviced Offices in Copenhagen

There are numerous reasons to choose serviced offices over conventional rental spaces in Copenhagen. For some small businesses they simply want a more professional business addressto appear on their communications. For others office space is not regularly required but occasionally a conference room is. Still other companies choose to make use of executive suites on a temporary basis when there is a relocation in progress or when an influx of new employees is simply to much for existing space to handle.

Shared Office Space Services

Serviced offices offer a wide range of services which make them a versatile and convenient alternative to a contracted office space. When Utilizing a serviced office space for a base of operations companies receive amenities which save time and money which can often be spent when establishing an office space. Taking the time to interview and find the proper staff is no longer needed as one is provided with the serviced office space. IT work is also included as well as basic office maintenance such as janitorial services.

Off Site Services

Some small businesses prefer to simply have a staff for communications. Having a professional answering service to answer incoming calls can give an air of professionalism that simply can’t be achieved by many home base business owners. By employing the services of a serviced office small businesses can avoid the high costs of a full office rental space which may not be needed for the day to day operations of the company.

Temporary Solutions
Some companies find themselves in need of a temporary business site for different reasons. These can range from temporary relocation while conventional offices are being prepared to one time use conference space for a sales pitch. Neither which requires a contracted office space which could include years of rental payments. Businesses often find that serviced offices give them an option which will suit their needs without emptying their pocket books.

These temporary spaces can include full office staff and an open floor plan with shared space or a private area ready for established staff to go to work. The plans available for serviced offices are tailored for the needs of the client. They include nearly any requirement such as Wi-Fi access as well as meeting rooms which can be utilized for the needs of large gatherings and presentations. And all of this without a contract to sign or any long term commitments.

Serviced Offices are also know as Servicerede Kontorer in Denmark

Transforming your Workplace – a Serviced Business office in Copenhagen ?

Switching  from winter , Transforming your Workplace – a Serviced Business office in Copenhagen ?

Spring is coming shortly or is actually among us, and in conjunction with the transform of your season, ought to carry a improve in company décor. It is time to remove the dark types which went when using the drop and in addition the winter season. There are some uncomplicated tactics to vary the office to become period proper. A general improve in place of work furniture and also introducing some plant daily life in the workplace, help put together the company for that hot seasons ahead. Thats why a Serviced Office environment will help in lots of methods.

Simply incorporating some plants throughout the place of work for your spring will deliver some daily life into the workplace. A properly positioned plant gives the workplace a light come to feel and adds some elegance. A number of vegetation that do nicely inside the work location involve the spider plant, the weeping fig, plus the peace lily. If there may be sufficient space, a taller tree is usually an excellent decoration. The peace lily can do away with distinct substances coupled with staying a superb match up for your springtime. While seated in an workplace for 8 hrs per day, it’s excellent to acquire a piece of character so you usually do not think that you may be missing out to the purely natural beauty with the time.

Flexible offices will surely have an impression around the feel on the office too. Among the major characteristics of a glass place of work desk is their functionality to reflect the remainder of the mood though while in the company. They are fitting for each time of year and continue to keep the professionalism with the business office. Glass desks are frequently lighter in weight than wood desks which implies they are simpler to reorganise.

A alter during the simple way we do offices are modifying or maybe a essential alteration on the layout from the workplace might have a direct impression on productiveness. Team members take satisfaction in recognizing they can be remaining imagined of which might be noticed inside their productivity. The Hawthorne Impact back again from 1950 described how employees gain inspiration via gaining attention. So have a very take a look at an place of work in Copenhagen or simply a virtual office company.

The alter during the time will be the right time for you to alter around the office environment somewhat. The reorganisation in the design together with including a couple of plants around the business office leads to a pleasant springtime really feel. For your more ambitious transformation, a transform to glass desks or much better even a entirely serviced workplace could have an in depth affect on manufacturing and increasing morale.

Read more about shared offices in copenhagen

Office space is a physical space to conduct some very important tasks for the business success.

Office space is a physical space to conduct some very important tasks for the business success.

Offices supply a lot of advantages and are necessary as well for a successful business, but to own them and manage them creates a very big overhead sometimes. These are very much costly for new start-up businesses and so they avoid owning the office space many times. Serviced Offices in copenhagen come with a solution to this problem by letting the people to use space for business office related activities without actually owning it

Serviced offices are an instant, flexible and easy to utilise place of work space solution. They offer ready-made offices often fully equipped with furniture, telephone lines, internet access, reception and kitchen facilities. Personnel are usually on hand to offer building and infrastructure support.

Business start ups and companies with limited trading histories will gain from serviced offices over conventional leases due to the flexibility of tenure, ease of move, minimal capital outlay, minimal rental deposits and limited need for directors/bank warranties.

Corporate and larger companies will advantage form serviced offices when the need for project, overflow and swing space is needed.

You may also want to consider a virtual office environment service. Virtual offices can offer everything a serviced business office provides without leasing or renting the actual office space. An address and telephone answering service is utilised to give the impact of actual occupancy in a building with the concept of only ‘virtually’ being there.

Virtual offices in Sweden and copenhagen supply different type of space for different requirements and commercial place of work space is one of them. This variety of space is employed for the business purposes and businesses can be of any type. Commercial office environment space is mainly utilized by advertising firms, traveling companies, accountants, dentists, doctors, etc. and there may be more businesses. Virtual business office providers offer this type of spaces anywhere according to the requirement of the client. The space can be provided in a standalone building, trade malls, strip malls, or in any other standard workplace building as well.

Commercial business office space is one type of space provided by serviced place of work providers which can be easily employed because providers allow the business responsible person to rent, lease or purchase the space. This is very much beneficial for the business purpose and should be used for rapid success.

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hvem bor i kontorhotel – Og hvorfor bor de i Kontorhotel ?

Hvem bor i kontorhotel ?

Mange af de virksomheder der der vælger at bo i kontorhotel gør det af forskellige grunde. Men der er nogle gennemgående ens årsager til at vælge denne kontor form.

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Hvorfor vælger de så kontorhotel ?

1: Fleksibilitet

En af de vigtigste årsager til at vælge kontorhotel er den fleksibilitet der følger med. Man kan hurtigt udvide sit kontor med flere arbejdsstationer eller antal kontorer. Det er et stort problem for mange af dem der vælger et traditionelt kontorlejemål, at de ikke hurtigt kan udvide sit kontorlejemål eller hvis de måtte ønske det, indskrænke antal af M2.

2: Lav pris pr. ansat pr. måned

En anden helt stor årsag til at vælge et kontorhotel er den lave pris pr. måned. Mange der bliver spurgt ” Hvad koster det at bo i eget traditionelt kontorlejemål” de ved ikke hvad de skal svare.. De tror man udelukkende kan se på prisen pr. M2. Men der mangler jo ca 50% af de samlede totale omkostninger. Hvad koster det at bo i kontorhotel ?

Det koster ca. 3.999-7.000 dkk/ Person i et kontorhotel

Prisen pr ansat i et Traditionelt kontorlejemål er ofte ca 6.000 DKK./mdr.

3: Den rigtige adresse – der tiltrækker kunder og ansatte

Man skal huske på at det ofte kan være svært at få en “rigtig” eksklusiv adresse midt i København eller Hellerup når man gerne vil have sit eget kontor. Hvis man vil have en af de dyre og fine adresser, så skal man ofte leje mere end 1.000-2.000 M2. Så det kan være svært at få sit eget kontor på en dyr adresse med mindre man vælger et kontorhotel. Her de fleste omkostninger fordelt på mange kunder, og man betaler jo kun for de Netto M2 man selv bruger. Resten sørger kontorhotellet for.

Så hvem bor i kontorhotel ?

Svaret er: “Det gør eller bør de fleste” alt fra 1 person til den store internationale virksomhed med flere end 60 ansatte.